How Your Roof’s Condition Can Affect You When Selling or Buying a House

The real estate market gives good reason for people to both buy and sell at this current time. As the supply is less than the demand, the seller should be able to gain top dollar for his property. The buyer also has an advantage, as home loans are still being given with surprisingly low-interest rates. 

 This leads to a need to address one of the most important questions in real estate:

 “How does a roof’s condition affect you when buying or selling a home?” The following areas will be addressed:

 • A roof’s condition will affect the comfort level

 • A roof’s condition will affect the price

 • A roof’s condition will affect the appeal

 • A roof’s condition will affect the appearance

 • A roof’s condition will affect the trust

 1. A roof’s condition will affect the comfort level

 At the outset, it is important to address the comfort level of the buyer. It will be hard to sell a home when the people looking at your home are not comfortable with what they are seeing. Many people are ignorant (I do not mean to say this condescendingly) as to home repair and the cost of repair (see here for more info).

 Due to this fact, it is widely held that two major areas of concern that will scare away a potential buyer are the condition of the roof and the condition of the floors. If you have a leaky roof, it is going to be extremely hard to sell your home. If you have a roof that has reached the end of its expected life, it may be equally as hard, as well. 

 2. A roof’s condition will affect the price

 When it is new and fixed up, it will affect the sale price of the home. It is possible to mark up a home with a fixed roof beyond the cost of the repairs themselves. Some roofs can be a relatively easy do-it-yourself job (for instance, 3-tab or asphalt shingles put on a roof that lacks a steep incline). 

 It may cost someone around $2000 to buy all the material (plus his time to install). However, if he is able to do the work himself, he could mark his home up well beyond the price he paid. 

 3. A roof’s condition will affect the appeal

 A couple of the main avenues that buyers use to locate homes for sale are Zillow and On these sites and more, the various homes for sale all come with their own advertising. There are pictures of the home, as well as a brief description.

 In the descriptions, it is obvious that some homes do not have much to offer. This will often leave the buyer looking elsewhere. Nevertheless, there are some homes that list all of the recent repairs and renovations that have been done. 

 When someone notices that work has been done on a home recently, it has a tendency to catch his eye. At the top of the list of appealing claims is when it is said that a home has recently been reroofed by a roofing Denver CO company, that new shingles have been placed, or, even better yet, that the roofing is brand new. 

 It is easy for buyers to come to a conclusion on the age of a roof. All they need to do is look at the age of the home and take note of whether or not anything has been said about the roof in the description. If nothing has been said, chances are nothing has been done to update the roof throughout its life. 

 This then leaves them with the age of the roof. At this point, they can do a simple search based on the material of the roof to find its expected age. If they find that there is not much-expected life left on it, they may lose interest.

 4. A roof’s condition will affect the appearance

 Oftentimes, it will be the pictures that sell a home. With homes selling fast at this present time, it is not uncommon for people to act quickly and to make an offer when they see a home they like. This is frequently done before anyone actually goes to see the home in person. 

 A good roof leads to good pictures. This will lead to a more marketable home on the leading online websites. 

 5. A roof’s condition will affect the trust 

 When a home has a good roof, it will help the buyer to trust the seller ( On the other hand, when a roof is bad, it will make the buyer wonder what else is wrong with the home. A roof’s condition will give the impression that a seller either takes care of his home or has been neglecting it.