Consulting Services

Old Growth Northwest promotes writing, reading, and sharing of new literature within a diverse and welcoming community.

The purpose of the individual consulting services offered by Old Growth Northwest is to provide clients with targeted, in-depth feedback in a style and a range of subjects that are uniquely tailored to each writer’s needs. Writers may use these consulting services to develop new work, refine existing work, or submit finished work for publication. Writers may also consult with Old Growth Northwest in order to gain insight into relevant aspects of literary craft, self-publication, and promotional strategies. The ideal client relationship is one in which clients feel satisfied with the services Old Growth has provided while feeling simultaneously empowered to use their writing more effectively.

Old Growth Northwest offers a wide range of personal, high-quality critical and editorial services to interested clients. These services include facilitated brainstorming, story- and character-mapping, and other relevant tools for developing inchoate narratives; line editing (for mechanical and grammatical issues); copy editing (for improving aspects of style, voice, and narrative flow); and proof editing (for refining essential concepts and addressing issues of continuity within an otherwise finished piece).

This work will be done in two settings: in face-to-face sessions, in which an Old Growth staff consultant will meet with a writer to review and discuss the client’s work; and in the consultant’s own workspace, where he or she will provide written edits and commentary, and otherwise mark up, the client’s submitted writing as appropriate.

Old Growth consultants may also offer, upon client request, an individually tailored program of reading, writing, and creative thinking exercises designed to improve relevant aspects of a writer’s craft. Such a program may, but is not required to, be conducted in conjunction with a specific piece of the client’s work.

To schedule your free introductory consultation, please send an email with the subject heading “One-on-One Consulting” to Al Haddad (