Writer’s Workshops

Old Growth Northwest offers a selection of facilitated writing classes and workshops for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and genre in Seattle neighborhoods. Our writing workshops provide participants with the opportunity to create new material, to share work and constructive criticism, and to build a community of support. Our Spring 2015 workshops finished in late June. Fall workshops start in October, stay tuned for our upcoming registration in September.

Location and Pricing

To make sure that our workshops are accessible, we hold them at local institutions like coffee shops and libraries. Our workshops are always low-cost, and we are happy to offer need-based scholarships. Additionally, our Community Writing workshop is always free of charge.

Old Growth does not impose a limit on the number of need-based scholarships available to workshop participants. To apply for a need-based scholarship, please click here.


The Writer’s Workshops operate according to the following values:

  • Public ownership. Writers own their work, take responsibility for the things they say, and invest in the revision process.
  • Collaborative learning. Encouraging participants to collaborate and share their work outside of the workshop fosters connections that may offer resources beyond the scope of the workshop.
  • Respect. Participants and facilitators alike should strive to create an atmosphere of openness where cultural competency and gender sensitivity are prioritized.
  • Trust and Confidentiality. Participants should join at the beginning of the workshop and may not “drop in” after it has begun in order to engender trust within the group. What is said in the group stays in the group.
  • Inclusiveness. Everyone has a story to tell. If you can communicate (in any fashion), you can create writing that is deep, important, and artistic in merit.


In an effort to cultivate community leadership, local authors and previous participants facilitate the Writer’s Workshops. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please contact Erin or Ian at the email addresses below.


Program Director: Erin Fried, fried@oldgrowthnw.org

Erin serves as Old Growth’s Executive Director and is a founding board member of the organization. She directs the Writer’s Workshops in addition to facilitating from time to time.

Associate Mastermind: Ian Greenfield, greenfield@oldgrowthnw.org

Ian contributes to program design and orchestrates registration for the Writer’s Workshops. A participant since day one, Ian has facilitated Fiction, SciFi/Fantasy, and NaNoWriMo workshops for Old Growth.

Thank you to our guest speakers.

In 2013, we were fortunate to have several esteemed authors visit the Writer’s Workshops. We are indebted to Layla HunterBill KenowerSusan V. MeyersJason Vanhee,
Allison WilliamsJane Wong, and Carolyne Wright.