Fall 2016 Workshops

Old Growth Northwest offers a selection of facilitated writing classes and workshops for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and genre in Seattle neighborhoods. Need-based scholarships are available (see below).

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
Tuition: $30
Tuesdays, 7-8pm, 10/25 – 12/6 (Skipping 11/22)
Facilitator: Anne Bean
Location: Chocolati, Greenwood

NaNoWriMo encourages us to stretch the limits of our productivity and challenges us to write 50,000 words between November 1 and November 30. In this facilitated workshop, join Anne Bean, a veteran WriMo, along with a supportive group of writers as you traverse your way through the creation of an entire novel! Learn helpful writing tips, troubleshoot, and cheer each other along.

This workshop welcomes all levels of writers.

Poetry BrewRegister_Small_Button
Tuition: $30
Wednesdays, 7-8pm, 10/26 – 12/7 (skipping 11/23)
Facilitator: Benjamin Schmitt
Location: Café Allegro, University District

This 6-week workshop will be divided into two parts. The first three weeks will be a generative poetry workshop in which the participants will discuss a certain poetic theme or device, read the work of an established poet, and then write their own poems in response to a prompt. Volunteers will then have the opportunity to share these rough drafts. The final three weeks will have a more traditional workshop format. Each participant will select one of their prompt responses and spend time revising and editing it. They will then submit these poems to the rest of the workshop for a feedback session guided by the facilitator. In this way, we will track a poem from birth to adolescence and perhaps even adulthood.

This workshop welcomes all levels of writers.

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Tuition: $30
Thursdays, 7-8pm, 10/27 – 12/8 (Skipping 11/24)
Facilitator: Allison Cloud
Location: Café Allegro, University District

Feeling magical? Or maybe a little spacey? Us too! In this six week course, you’ll learn the basics of writing Science Fiction and Fantasy and why these genres play important roles in greater cultural understanding and diversity. Each week, you’ll get some practice in with short in-class writing prompts and offer thoughtful feedback on longer works by other participants. Each participant will receive feedback on at least one longer piece of writing. If you’re interested in growing your skills in the other realms of the written word, and especially if you want to write your very first other-worldly story, this class is for you! In addition to writing, minimal reading is expected each week. By the end of this course, you’ll be encouraged and inspired. Everyone is welcome!

This workshop welcomes all levels of writers. We highly encourage beginning writers to join this workshop.

Poetry in the Morning

Tuition: Free
Friday, 10am-12pm, 9/30 – 11/18
Facilitator: Benjamin Schmitt
Location: The Hub at Bayview, Queen Anne

This 8-week workshop welcomes residents of Bayview Retirement Community as well as local writers and poetry enthusiasts. While many participants of this workshop will be seniors, all are welcome.

This workshop welcomes all levels of writers.

Need-based Scholarships

Old Growth does not impose a limit on the number of need-based scholarships available to workshop participants. To apply for a need-based scholarship, please click here.